A simple web database for keeping track of neurons


neuron-catalog is a web-based database for small groups (e.g. a lab) collaborating on neuronal circuit mapping. It provides a simple platform to organize your notes about driver lines, neuron types, brain regions and putative connectivity. Each group that wants to run the neuron-catalog can run their own server, as the software is free and open source (GNU Affero General Public License v3). Because it is run as an isolated, standalone database, the neuron-catalog can be used as a collaborative lab-notebook to record novel observations during the process of discovery. Thus, neuron-catalog complements large-scale efforts which require extensive curation by providing a collaboration platform before the data are ready for integration into a curated database.

Host anywhere

neuron-catalog is simple to install and run on your own infrastructure.


The user interface is a standard webpage with an emphasis on simple, intuitive editing. No training should be needed to get up and running.

All data available to download

You are not locked in. All your data can be downloaded as a .json file anytime. This can be uploaded to another instance of the neuron-catalog or it can be parsed with other tools.

Easy to extend

The neuron-catalog is written in Javascript using the powerful Meteor framework. It is implemented as a standard Meteor application, and hence all the documentation and help from this large community is directly relevant.

Species specific specialization available

Currently for Drosophila melanogaster are several enhancements such as linking to other online databases. The design is implemented in a way that would be possible to add similar features for other species.